'NUDES' [EP1, EP2, & EP3]

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Nude hits the prism and blossoms into three new sonic worlds...


Buy the Nude Eps now and receive 'Nude : Forbidden' digitally today and all three of the sonic worlds ('Nude : Landscapes', 'Nude : Viscera', and 'Nude : Forbidden') as three CDs with full colour mini-sleeves, together with lyrics booklet all housed within a full colour main-sleeve. This will be sent to you in the post. Price includes all postage and packaging to anywhere world wide.

Special edition release date: 21.10.13

Nude is expanded with the 1st of the Nudes Eps - a minimal to symphonic world featuring re-workings of tracks from Nude plus brand new tracks....

Track listing

1. Our World It Fell So Quietly
2. New World (solo piano and voice)
[the wind]
3. The Boy In The Lake
4. Arrow (orchestral)
5. Two Men in Love (solo piano and voice)
[the sea]
6. Ship (orchestral)
7. Needing Release
[the rain]
8. Always On My Mind

[*] are all sound effects


Special edition release date: 14.02.14

The Irrepressibles resound NUDE with the sexually charged second Ep of the Nudes trilogy titled " Nude : Viscera ". Released as special edition on the 14th February 2014 the EP brings together influences from New Wave, Grunge, and Exotica into a darkly sensual and at times playfully chaotic mix. Initial comparisons have been made to later works of Jeff Buckley, Lou Reed, Pavement, Yma Sumac and early works of PJ Harvey. In March and April 2014 the band will take to the road, performing this visceral mini-album with a series of intimate standing rock club shows. For tickets: http://tour.theirrepressibles.com/

Track listing

1. Not Mine
2. So
3. Raise My Soul
4. Now That My Lover is Dead
5. Pale Sweet Healing (Alternative Version)
6. Fucking Beautiful
7. Changing Time


[EP 3]

Special edition release date: 28th April 2014

Nude is expanded with the third of the trilogy Nudes Eps - the electronic world of Nude : Forbidden.

Track listing

1. Forbidden
2. Arrow (Ghosting Season remix)
3. New World (iamamiwhoami remix)
4. Edge of Now
5. Arrow (Lukas Remix)
6. Forbidden (Ghosting Season remix)
7. The State of it All


BUY your physical copy of all three of the EP's now and receive them as they are released with a box with full colour artwork to house all 3 EPs.

£21 including all the postage and packaging for each of the EPs sent out to you as they are released.

Original image by Jamie Irrepressible, reworked by Paride Mirabilio 2013.

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